Maria Callas Discography

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Reference: Frank Hamilton: Maria Callas Performance and Discography

Update History since 11/15/1999

Recommended CDs

"Verdi - La Traviata - Lisboa 1958" RDP 0203CD (2CD) (P)2000

Limited edition of Lisbon Traviata, remastered from the original tapes found in the archives of the Portuguese Radio Company.
The sound is very good and the set includes an elegant booklet with pictures of Maria Callas in Lisbon.

New Release - "Callas - Last of the Red Hot Divas" OMBRA Records OMB 7006 (1CD) (P)2002 (12-Tk, 64'47")
Maria Callas in Montreal, her final concert in North America, May 13, 1974

Ombra Records:

"Maria Callas - The Unknown Recordings Vol. I" DIVINA DVN-1 (1 Enhanced CD) (P)2000 (69'56":15-Tk)

"Maria Callas - The Unknown Recordings Vol. II" - DIVINA DVN 4 (1 Enhanced CD) (P)2000 (70'45":21-Tk)

Divina Records: MP3

07/05/1965 Tosca @ London, Royal Opera House: Georges Pretre

"Maria Callas - Tosca" - DIVINA DVN 2 (2 Enhanced CD) (P)2000 (58'56":19-Tk, 59'08":17-Tk)

Divina Records: MP3

11/19/1953 Norma @ Trieste, Teatro Giuseppe Verdi: Antonino Votto

"Maria Callas - Norma - Trieste" DIVINA DVN 3 (2 Enhanced CD) (P)2000 (47'09:15-Tk, 46'45":12-Tk)

Divina Records:MP3

06/17/1949 Norma @ Buenos Aires, Teatro Colon: Tullio Serafin, Orquesta e Coro del Teatro Colo'n de Buenos Aires
07/09/1949 Gala Concert (133rd Anniversary of Argentine Independence)@ Buenos Aires, Teatro Colon: Tullio Serafin
05/20, 29/1949, 06/11, 22/1949, 07/09/1949 Turandot @ Buenos Aires
, Teatro Colón: Tullio Serafin

"Maria Callas - Unknown Teatro Colon Recordings" - DIVINA DVN 12 (1 Enhanced CD) (P)2001 (68'25":14-Tk)

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My uncle gave me a doughnut-like 45rpm record with white blank label. It was a sampler for new release including "Regnava nel silenzio... Quando, rapito in estasi... "@1953 and "Casta Diva..."@1954. I was shocked, amazed, and excited very much to hear the voice of Divina. It was when I was 12 years old. Maria Callas fascinated me since that time.

This web site is made for systematic listening of the Voice of the Century. The information provided here is based on my collection which is only a part of huge number of recordings of Maria Callas.

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Acknowledgements: I would like to express my thanks to Frank Hamilton for his Maria Callas - Performance Annals and Discographies at the web site. The format of discography is based on that site. More detailed discography is shown in his homepage.